Jordi de Kogel

Personal trainer

My name is Jordi de Kogel and I was born on the 19th of January, 1980 in Rotterdam. Two years ago, I started with personal training and I followed the study PT pro at Sport and People. During the course, I did my internship at Fitland and at the Workoutclub, both located in Rottedam. Besides giving personal training, group  lessons and boot camp, I am also employed in the catering industry. Regarding my history in sports, for over 15 years I was a gymnast where I was part of the best gymnasts of the Netherlands. During this career in gymnastics, I was multiple times Dutch champion and I also participated in international contests. The knowledge I gained here, I will always bring with me during the sports classes I host.

My specialty as a trainer is within the perfection of performing the exercises and great listening to the wishes of my clients. Besides that, I am also a good motivator and strive to seek the maximum out of the clients, by making the training fun, varied, and challenging.

With me as your Personal Trainer, no class will be the same!





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