Performance enhancement, nutritional advice, strength & conditioning

Hi everyone! My name is Matyi and I was born in Hungary. I moved to the Netherlands 7 years ago. My goal is to inspire and help my clients to achieve their personal goals. Thanks to my curious mindset, I have followed various programs and courses during my career.

Expertise: performance enhancement, nutritional advice, strenght&conditioning
Experience: Performance Nutritionist NOC”NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee); Strenght & Conditioning trainer Team Agua BJJ Rotterdam and Den Haag; S&C R-Med Performance Lab, Budapest, Hungary; Personal Trainer: David LLoyd Centrum Rotterdam, Personal Fit Club Den Haag, GYM010 Rotterdam
Education: Msc Human Movement Sciences, Maastricht University, NASM CPT, EXOS Phase1, TRX, CrossFit L1, L2, Gymnastics & Weightlifting


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