Women friendly

This is a woman friendly gym. Unwanted remarks and whistle sounds can lead to us cancelling your gym membership.

– also staring is offensive –

It is actually obvious, but we would like to elaborate. Perhaps you, as being a woman, experienced certain situations where you are being stared at, someone whistles at you, or you feel intimidated in another way. Really annoying, because you don’t like this and you should feel safe everywhere. Men usually don’t suffer from this, but women recognize these situations often.

010GYM stands for the feeling of safety and freedom. In our gym, you do not have to be afraid that something like mentioned above will happen to you. Together, we will make sure this is a comfortable environment, where working out and a good atmosphere is central.

To be clear: there is no room for macho- or intimidating behavior within the walls of 010GYM. Certain behavior will result in the interdiction of your membership.

Come and work out in Rotterdam at 010GYM. Would you like to sign up? Click here.